TRACK LEARNING SOLUTIONS (TLS) launched Seminars4Success workshops and announced “Technology Based Learning Awards 2009”

As part of its continues efforts in helping organizations achieve their training and business objectives, Track Learning Solutions held a full day workshop in Marina hotel titled “the true value of learning” as part of a series of events that will take place around the MENA region.

The event showcased success stories from the region around the utilization and integration of Technology Based Learning into corporate training initiatives shared by Kuwait Finance House and BATELCO (Bahrain). Mr. Dennis Brown Senior director of market development and cofounder of SkillSoft, TLS Partner in the Middle East, also discussed the True Value of Learning and the role of the HR and Training units in an organizations growth.

During the event, TLS and SkillSoft as part of the “Achievement Recognition Awards program, MENA”, awarded BATELCO (Bahrain) The Most Creative and Diverse Implementation of Technology Based Learning”, Kuwait Finance House was awarded “The Most Recent Demonstration of the True value of Learning”, and Kharafi National was awarded “The Most Utilized Technology Based Learning Solution”. Individual users were also recognized for their achievements in elearning.

TLS, a subsidiary of HumanSoft Holding provide the latest Technology Based Learning Solutions in the MENA region, with presence in Kuwait, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar, Jordan, Lebanon, Algeria and other countries. With more than 10 years experience in the e-learning industry, today, TLS partners with and offers the full range of SkillSoft Products and Services, Auralog Language e-learning, Jzero Learning Management Systems and IBTA International Certifications, in addition to other consultancy and technical services such as Track4Success.