Humansoft School Management

HUMANSOFT School of Management was founded in 2006 with a principal aim of providing management and training services to schools.

In 2008, HUMANSOFT School of Management was appointed by a major Qatari shareholder an organization with multiple subsidiaries to manage, supervise and operate educational institutions such as Al-Jazeera Academy and Al-Maha Schools. In addition, HUMANSOFT was to assume full and exclusive management of the schools in order to accomplish a thorough business recovery and restore profitability and sustainability for the future success of these institutions. Below were several highlights of the projects:

Al Maha School Qatar

As part of the business recovery project, HUMANSOFT upgraded the existing facilities, IT infrastructure and space utilization for Al Maha Schools. HUMANSOFT oversaw the new building construction project and provided insight, as well as financial and operational strategies, for the successful relocation to a new campus building site, which was still under construction during HUMANSOFT’s management.

Al Jazeera Academy Qatar

HUMANSOFT maximized the effective utilization of the facilities and the building tending to education purposes so as to improve efficiency and operational effectiveness.

This large scale project served to demonstrate HUMANSOFT’s strengths in strategic education management, delivery and quality enhancement, which aided in the improvement of the schools’ financial, academic and market prospects. Consequently, the school’s place in an increasingly competitive education sector was ensured while maintaining their focus on the commitment to students’ learning and development.

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