Expression Institute For Private Training

Expression Institute for Private Training, in affiliation with Direct English Linguaphone Group, is a world leading provider of language training solutions, boasting over 100 years of experience in the Industry. There are over 250 centers in more than 90 countries around the world. Expressions has obtained the exclusive rights to deliver the Direct English program to the market both locally and regionally.

From its infancy, the center had envisioned a specific objective: understanding and meeting the language and training needs of the community.

It incorporates a learning system which is based on a unique cyclical pedagogical syllabus that focuses on instruction in conversational English and the comprehension thereof.

Today, Expression dominates the realm of training not only in the field of English, but also through the provision of learning solutions in management and business studies. This growing potential is found in Kuwait and other GCC countries such as Qatar and the UAE. There is a wide range of courses on offer, which includes Time Management, Team Management, Business Writing Skills, Executive English and Leadership Training for Professionals.

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