American College of the Middle East

The American College of the Middle East (ACM) was established in 2005 through its subsidiary Al Arabia Enterprises. It caters to students seeking Diploma degrees in Business Administration, Information Technology and Engineering.

In Fall 2023, ACM has enrolled 764 new students which makes the total number of students enrolled at ACM 2,246 students as of Fall 2023. The number of total enrollments per year is shown in the chart below.

ACM is considering the possibility of introducing Nursing major, which is already included in its license at an appropriate time in the future.

On a campus of 100,000 m2 based in Egaila, ACM offers world-class facilities that are essential to the development of students on all levels. ACM provides its students with a holistic learning experience using a unique ‘Learner-Centered Approach.’ This approach enables students to make the most of their learning experience through carefully designed curricula and internships. ACM students are also encouraged to develop leadership and interpersonal skills by participating in student societies and extracurricular activities.

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