Fahad Al Othman, Founder, Chairman and Managing Director of HumanSoft Holding has been awarded the International Quality Crown Award in the Golden Category by the Business Initiative Directions (BID) at a ceremony held at Thistle Tower Hotel, London, early this month.

BID, whose symbol of quality is recognized in 162 countries, first surveyed some 9,500 companies in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and the Americas before singling out HumanSoft Holding for its corporate achievement in leadership, quality, innovation, excellence, technology, customer service and prestige.

Additionally, BID survey evaluated the expertise of business leaders to create a working environment where decisions are executed strategically through best practices to ensure continuity and quality. It also evaluated how business leaders utilize human resources and provide them with proper training and growth opportunities.

The 17th annual BID Quality Crown ceremony, attended by business leaders, economists, diplomats and academics from over 65 countries, was held to honor this year’s leading organizations and distinguished businessmen from around the globe.

“The magnitude of this award is reflected by its international standard and independent researches,” said Al Othman. “It ensures the strategic guideless and the vision HumanSoft materializes, as well as evaluates our performance against international standards. At the early stages of our operations, we recognized the codependence relationship between the industry and private establishment. The evolution of the industry forces organizations operating within its environment to elevate to higher competitive levels. The region provides companies the opportunity to operate with the objective of contributing to a certain industry and this has always been HumanSoft’s mission.”

Al Othman added: “We have launched our operations in 1996 with the vision of being the leaders in the development of human and information technology resources in the Arab region through materializing our investments in the field of training, education, human resources, technology solutions, curriculums, performance management systems and e-commerce and in return provide value-added services to our clients and investors. We proceeded our mission with a methodology to implement global standards which contribute to achieving constant quality. An example of our achievement in this field is promoting Microsoft and Oracle certification and accreditation training which has become the supporting function of the development of technical expertise in this region.”

Al Othman also highlighted how HumanSoft managed to bridge the gap between globalization and localization saying: “It was very essential to create and enhance a research and development (R&D) facility within our organization to stay up-to-date with the changes in the international and local markets. The R&D facility helps us identify the global opportunities and adjust them to fit the local market. For example, we have designed complete training solutions, based on international standards dedicated to high school graduates. Due to high demand, we have launched a new marketing department focusing on this category in which students can receive technical training and accreditation from multinational IT experts and thereby we have achieve outstanding results.”

Othman suggested another example, which is HumanSoft Learning Solutions, a subsidiary of HumanSoft Holding, among its missions is to develop “e-learning” in the Middle East. To achieve its purpose, this organization has to deal on a global scope with the required factors of bringing in high quality solutions such as Thomson NETg and SumTotal, which are worldwide companies and strategic partners to HumanSoft in providing educational solutions in the Middle East, North Africa and Pakistan. These required factors to develop the market of “e-learning”, also include the processes of Arabization, and starting up regional channels to market these products along with a special device for live technical support on these products. Othman also mentioned HumanSoft Learning Solution’s achievements in “e-learning” project including Dubai E-Government, Tejari.com, ‘any place and at any time training’ project in Saudi Arabia, American University of Beirut, and the Ministry of Finance in Morocco.

It is worth mentioning that HumanSoft Holding, one of the major companies established and managed by Al Othman, is listed in Kuwait Stock Exchange, and is comprised of HumanSoft Learning Solutions, Tawteen Human Resources solutions, HumanSoft Career Development, HumanSoft IT and Human Resources Consulting, New Horizons Computer Training, and Expression English Language Training.

The BID “Quality Crown” Award was launched in 1970’s based on Total Quality standards, creating a model used globally to measure the quality of leadership and performance.

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