Mr. Fahad Al Othman, chairman and managing director of HumanSoft Holding Group, was recently honored by Mr. Yoska Fisher, former deputy Chancellor and ex-Foreign Minister of Germany, and HE Mr. Anwar Ibrahim, ex-deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia as the Middle East Executive of the Year for 2006 in information and communication technology (ICT) at a ceremony held at the Burj Al Arab honoring the region’s top executives from the private and public sectors.

The Middle East CEO of the Year Awards was established to recognize senior executives who have made significant and genuine contributions to the economic growth of the region.

The Awards adopted strict international evaluation criteria in determining who among senior executives in the region have successfully stirred their companies to greater competitiveness and profitability, thus spurring the region’s economic growth.

Othman was cited for helping the knowledge base of professionals by providing re-training and certification programs that uplift the quality of human resources in the region. Through Humansoft, Othman has significantly improved performance standards and has helped businesses increase competitiveness by upgrading the skills of their staff.

The recognition given to Othman highlights the importance of developing human resources and IT skills in the region to sustain its robust growth. It underscores the need for a long-term vision and substantial investments on the continuous development of human resources and IT professionals, who will in turn help spur the continued growth of the economy, especially in banking and finance, trading and real estate sectors which have been the key drivers of the region’s economic growth.

Humansoft’s various professional enhancement and IT certification programs have also helped bridge the digital gap, providing countless people the chance to join the workforce with highly sought-after IT skills.

Prior to the Middle East CEO Award, Othman also received an award from the Business Initiative Directions (BID) cites excellence in the practice of Total Quality Management (TQM), for having established Humansoft as a model company that operates profitably while at the same time contributing immensely to the development of the communities where it operates. Othman received the Quality Crown, the BID’s top honors, in London last December 2005.

HumanSoft Holding Group is a listed company on the Kuwait Stock Exchange. Its mission encompasses working with private and public organisations to promote Human and IT development in the region by establishing profitable investment projects for its clients and partners. The group works in the field of learning, training, human resources management, IT solutions, learning and syllabus systems, and e-business solutions.

The group has many subsidiaries, as HumanSoft Learning Solutions, Tawteen for Human Resources Solutions, HumanSoft Employment Qualification, HumanSoft IT and Management Consultancy, New Horizon Computer Training, Expression for English Language, Track Learning Solutions, and Toot for e-business. The holding company has laid out aggressive expansion plans in the Arab World in general and in Saudi Arabia in particular.